Got hungry in TAIWAN?

    Quennie and I loved eating. In fact, from our college years till now that we’re married for almost a year, most of our dates revolved around going out and eating a lot. Restaurants, buffets, fast foods, and even street foods… name it. Thus, both of us gaining a lot of weight (LOL!). But the light of recent events in our lives gave us a huge turn regarding this matter. I may have been oversharing it for a long time so I can assume that you, whom are reading this blog, already knew. Let me tell you if you don’t have an idea what I’m talking about. Upon that happening, we somehow made a…


    YEHLIU GEOPARK just rocks!

    Despite the fact that we had to cross out some of our other destinations in our itinerary during that day given that it’s still hours away before we reach our next stop; along with the desert-like heat in the afternoon, I can still say with the memories of weeks ago that “Yehliu Geopark really rocks!” I can attest to that. Not just figuratively, but literally that it’s indeed… full of rocks. Thus, the title of this post. I want to acknowledge though that this cool and witty title wasn’t originally mine though.  Back in the day when we’re planning the itinerary for our Taiwan trip, I’m just thinking of exploring the essential…


    Sky Lanterns of SHIFEN OLD STREET

    Everyone have something that they desire for… a wish perhaps. It can be money, a job, lovelife, career, or any other things that we usually want but just can’t easily be granted by plain hardwork. So some people, waits for 11:11 (AM or PM) or drops some coins every time they see a fountain. If you’re one of those “some,” maybe you can include lighting a sky lantern at Shifen Old Street in Pingxi District, New Taipei City in your itinerary when you planned a trip to Taiwan. Who knows? Your wish may be granted. I’m not saying though that I believe in these things. I honestly used to. I have lots of desires in my…

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