Reasons I left my heart in MANLY, NSW

    Of all the places we’ve visited in New South Wales almost three months ago, I can say that Manly is my favorite of them all. Although it’s never the part of our plan to visit it. I remember that it’s only two days before our return flight back to the Philippines when we came up with the idea of visiting this place the next day. My youngest sister’s friend, whose currently based in Sydney, came up with the idea of visiting this place. Also, my middle sister and her partner were already scheduled to go back to Auckland a day earlier than our flight. Thus, it’s only the six of…


    Things to do at BONDI BEACH, Sydney

    Honestly speaking, I’m no fan of crowded beaches. It maybe because I’m weak in taking nice photos with people on the background. Or maybe taking people’s pictures aren’t my thing in the first place; except people who matter of course (my wife). Back in the Philippines, as much as I love the beaches of Boracay and Puerto Galera, I usually give a no going to the beach once I found out the people would flock it. But upon spending a day at Bondi Beach during our Sydney, Australia trip, I suddenly told myself: “Maybe crowded beaches aren’t bad at all… here in Sydney at least (LOL!).”   About BONDI BEACH I’ve heard mixed-views about whether we should…


    Our HILLSONG takeaways

    It’s been a month now since we went to Sydney, Australia to enjoy the remaining days of my wife’s maternity leave; and we really can’t get over it. Sometimes, we want to live and start a new life there… urgently (LOL!). Kidding aside, I have lots of ideas in my mind what to blog about it. In fact, I’ve already lined-up the series of blog that I’m going to post. Yet, let me share one of our highlights when we came in this place. I would be giving a huge disclaimer that this specific blog post is not just a where-to-go in Sydney. But something much deeper. Something essential for our life with…

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