DIN TAI FUNG: “Taipei’s Best” in SM Megamall, Metro Manila

    Yesterday, I broke my promise to my wife. But it’s not what you think. Okay?  Now let me narrate it. These past few weeks, I’ve been going in and out of SM Megamall to address work-related concerns. Well, we’re going to have a project located here. Each time I tell my wife that I’m going to have my fieldwork here, coincidentally, she also had hers. By that, we agree to meet and go home together after running our respective errands. In some cases, before going home, we just roam around the mall; eat; or look for something to buy in order to just kill time knowing how chaotic the traffic can be.…



    My wife Quennie and I decided to spontaneously drive somewhere near the city one Saturday last month after her half-day work shift. Both of us were immersed at our respective workplaces for weeks already back then (even till now… LOL!) so I decided to find ideas on how to just unwind even for a short while. But becoming hungry along the way while dealing with chaotic and congested Manila traffic, the nearest place to eat that came into my mind was the Food Trip Capital of Quezon City: Maginhawa st (at least in my mind… LOL!). On another note, we’ve already visited Maginhawa many times already each time my wife…


    Got hungry in TAIWAN?

    Quennie and I loved eating. In fact, from our college years till now that we’re married for almost a year, most of our dates revolved around going out and eating a lot. Restaurants, buffets, fast foods, and even street foods… name it. Thus, both of us gaining a lot of weight (LOL!). But the light of recent events in our lives gave us a huge turn regarding this matter. I may have been oversharing it for a long time so I can assume that you, whom are reading this blog, already knew. Let me tell you if you don’t have an idea what I’m talking about. Upon that happening, we somehow made a…

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