My wife Quennie and I decided to spontaneously drive somewhere near the city one Saturday last month after her half-day work shift. Both of us were immersed at our respective workplaces for weeks already back then (even till now… LOL!) so I decided to find ideas on how to just unwind even for a short while. But becoming hungry along the way while dealing with chaotic and congested Manila traffic, the nearest place to eat that came into my mind was the Food Trip Capital of Quezon City: Maginhawa st (at least in my mind… LOL!). On another note, we’ve already visited Maginhawa many times already each time my wife…


    CASCADES LIFESTYLE Park at Tomas Morato (and our favorite SHOU hand-pulled noodles)

    For several reasons, my wife and I weren’t able to plan any huge trips for the months of January and February. Financial constraints and our hectic schedule (work, home, repeat on the weekdays and church on Sundays) made planning really complicated and gave me an excuse from it. Let’s include the just finished 2-week church-wide fast last January and the ongoing battle inside my head. In lieu of this, we mostly relied on few spontaneous trips and several restaurant dates because of course, it’s still something necessary (LOL!). Out of nowhere, I thought of adding food/restaurant reviews to the roster of my usual blog entries that varies from travelling, photography,…

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