BATAAN, Philippines: Traveled for HEALING and FINDING MYSELF

    “I had lots of work to do, had a not-so-open-minded boss, had no money, just can’t simply leave for a week untraced”; “I’m busy” and many other excuses resonating on my mind are making me hesitate to push through with going to this trip. Although I badly wanted to go, there’s a huge need for me to holistically prepare despite my wife’s constant persistence. Last year, I even had the opportunity to have the same experience for an extremely discounted price (for reasons I really don’t know) but I still refused out of not being really prepared enough. Again, imagine the horror of telling my boss that I’ll be gone…


    MALABRIGO BEACH, Lobo, Batangas: stones and reminders of home

    I’m sitting on my bed, in front of my laptop thinking “Should I still blog about these? I think we’ve visited the place a thousand times already.” as I scan through the few photos I took during the New Year’s Day using the camera that I just bought last year. Well, I’m just exaggerating (LOL). Maybe not thousand. But the number weren’t that low either. Thinking to myself “Why not?” led me to push through with writing about it. Anyway, these photos I’m talking about were those at my wife’s hometown in Lobo, Batangas particularly that beach in Barangay Malabrigo. It’s like our once-in-a-while backyard… for several years now. The first time I’ve visited the town was way back…

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