Your long and not-so friendly travel guide about KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA

    I decided to accept the fate that I’ll make a terrible “budget traveler.” Also, that this blog weren’t be a primary source of those “traveling-here-and-there-in-a-budget” guides. On most of our travels ever since Quennie and I got married, we still miss out numerous places from the itineraries that I prepared. As for our actual expenses, they mostly inflated almost twice my estimated budget; to think that they’re mostly from the “travel guides” that I read. As a self-proclaimed miser myself and an “advocate” of cost-cutting (LOL!), it frustrates me most of the time. Same goes with myself wanting to visit as many places as possible whenever I’m in another place. But who knows? We…


    Exploring MALAYSIA’S BATU CAVES: finally but not “really”

    “Let’s just go there quickly to explore other places.” I can still remember how Quennie and I talked about exploring the important places to explore in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’re already on the city during that time, checked in at our temporary home; and the bedtime fast approaching. We could’ve had almost 3 days to explore the whole city before taking a bus going to Singapore. The original reason why I chose Monday morning as our flight. Arriving to the city early, we’ll have more time to explore especially those places that we’re not able to visit the last time we came here; at least on my thoughts. But as usual, it…

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