BATAAN, Philippines: Traveled for HEALING and FINDING MYSELF

    “I had lots of work to do, had a not-so-open-minded boss, had no money, just can’t simply leave for a week untraced”; “I’m busy” and many other excuses resonating on my mind are making me hesitate to push through with going to this trip. Although I badly wanted to go, there’s a huge need for me to holistically prepare despite my wife’s constant persistence. Last year, I even had the opportunity to have the same experience for an extremely discounted price (for reasons I really don’t know) but I still refused out of not being really prepared enough. Again, imagine the horror of telling my boss that I’ll be gone…



    Well, it’s been ages since the last time I wrote something personal. So I thought to myself “why not?” I could stick into writing again something related to my 1-year old daughter whom is currently living her life somewhere far away from us. Maybe on the Marvel Cinematic Universe because at the post-credit scene from the movie Infinity War, she was called by Agent Nick Fury to face the mighty Thanos. She’s Captain Marvel after all (LOL!). Although I already wrote a little draft on a post about her, I’m not gonna write something about our grief of losing her in this post… again. I’m also gonna set aside the…


    WAIT thing

    Our church just started a series for the Christmas season and Pastor Nolan, our pastor, had a sermon that everyone hates (even him… LOL!). Something about waiting. Dreadful right? My wife and I think so too. Who wanted to wait anyway? The questions “why can’t we have it now?” or “how long will it take?” suddenly pop up into our minds. Sundays are rest days for most of us (for my wife and I at least). People would either spend the day resting at home, going to church or to the mall. Well, my wife and I may not have went to the mall but we did went to church then rested at…

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