First of all, I would like you to know how much it means to me that you visited this page. It may be because you’re interested in knowing me more or you just got here by accident. I just hoped that you’ll enjoy peeking everything here. To be honest, I’m still experiencing what other people called “writer’s block” so it’s hard for me to find the right words to say. I hope you’ll bear with me on this. Also, this post will be long so I suggest you allot time to read this (if it really interests you I guess).

Derwin Bautista AKA "The Dextographer"


Of course, for those who don’t know me. I’m Dex, as called by most people. I’m in pursuit of living the life and the adventure God has to offer. Currently based in Manila, Philippines; I’m a Civil Engineer by profession and currently working in a managerial position at a private construction firm. Also, I’m serving as a Bassist in the Music Ministry and as a Lights Technician in the Production Ministry of Inspire Church Metro Manila.

I’m married to my beautiful wife which happens to be a Chemical Engineer. She’s pregnant with our first child and is expected to give birth October of this year (2017).

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To be honest, I don’t remember most of my childhood memories. I know I used to remember them but forgotten them as time goes by. But the only thing I remember is that I’m an introvert. Yes that’s right. I mostly spend my time being alone and find it hard to open up and relate to people. Also, I remember that the only thing I excel back then is in academics; no sports, music, art, nor any special talents. Of course, there’s a part of me that regrets all of it but I need to realize that what’s ahead is more important especially I found my forever love (my wife… lol).

It’s only until college when I learned opening up to different kinds of people and gaining certain amount of friends; and until I graduated in Engineering, passed the licensure exam, and started working when I suddenly aspire to be a MUSICIAN, WRITER, BLOGGER, PHOTOGRAPHER, and even an MMA FIGHTER. Although these aspirations is challenged by my day-job, my married life, and my ministry that demands most of my time, I know that eventually I’ll be able to live my dreams one day soon enough with the proper time management (which I’m struggling to learn). Well, one at a time, I’m starting to fulfill these aspirations of mine:

  1. I learned to play bass guitar in our church and serves in the music ministry alongside my beautiful wife (a singer).
  2. I’m able to create this blog spending an amount of time and money for it.
  3. I’m learning photography using my smartphone and my camera.
  4. And many more…
Credits to: Inspire Church Metro

My friends usually tell me that I’m a terrible speaker (which is true because I stutter all the time especially on speaking impromptu) but a good writer (LOL). But to be honest, I didn’t know any background in writing when I was a child (re-read the paragraph under my first photo). Growing up, I didn’t kept any diaries or journals with me.

I remember way back high school we have a computer subject. There’s a topic in blogging. We’re taught how to make your own blog, how to set your preferred skin, etc. We’re using that time. Unexpectedly, I got hooked to doing it. I created my very first official blog site using multiply when I entered college, then decided to migrate to tumblr. Unfortunately, the demands of school works that time drifted me away from it. It’s only until this very day that I’m able to write again and created a brand new blog site for it. Up to this date, I created one multiply account; two tumblr accounts; and even tried blogging through my social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus. But inside of me, I want to put up a separate blog site for it.

To answer the question “Why do I blog?”, I want to keep track of all the adventures I’ve been through (with my beautiful wife of course in all forms). I want to measure how far I’ve been on different aspects of life; how much I’ve grown; and which part of me I still need to grow? Even a married man and soon-to-be dad in his early 20s still had room for growth. To be able to do it, I need to set my baseline which is what I am now.

Also, aside from my aspirations, I have many more things in mind that I want to do which includes finishing my master’s degree (which I decided to leave behind for a while), taking the licensure exam for Master Plumber (this coming July 2017), and even establish businesses (an engineering firm that focuses on design and project management and even a water-refilling station) to satisfy financial needs. But I’m fully aware that I need to prioritize things according to what’s necessary. So, may this blog also help me become aware of what are these things to do, provided that I overthink a lot.

As an introvert I asked, why in a public setting instead of just writing privately in a journal? I realized that an adventure is best enjoyed when shared. As per an old saying that “no man is an island”; I have a hope that this blog will help and inspire people, same as me, whom are in pursuit of a great adventures IN ANY FORMS. It may be my own children in the future but sure enough, someone in need will be reading and be inspired by this.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)


As an introvert and a homebody, travelling is the very last thing I want to do although from time to time we go home to my parents’ respective hometowns (Arayat, Pampanga and Luna, La Union). We only traveled few different places given that we don’t have enough finances back then. But I do love maps as a child. I’m quite fascinated studying the Philippine and World Geography in our social studies class back then. I remember owning and loved reading a book called “Circling the Globe” which contains summary of the maps, flags, and cultures of each country in the world. I’m also able to memorize all the provinces in the Philippines and all the countries of the world along with their respective capital cities and towns as a child (which unfortunately I’ve forgotten now). I’m also blessed to have worked with maps few years ago at a government-funded research project at my alma mater Mapua Institute of Technology way back July 2014 until the end of year 2015.

My love for travelling started during my college years. My newly-found friends loved going from one place to another during our term breaks given that we need to unwind from our stressful quarterms. Also, as a part of different student organizations, I was able to participate in various out-of-town trips such as outings and conferences few times a year. By then, I thought of going to places I used to see on my childhood book about countries of the world. The very first time I rode an airplane is way back 2011 going to Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao during a National Convention of an organization that I’m part of. Our very first out-of-country family trip took place on Singapore during the year 2012. Those triggered me to dream of working abroad upon graduation but didn’t took place because I can’t imagine leaving my then-girlfriend behind (She’s my wife now). Still, this didn’t stop me to dream about travelling the world. On the brighter side, I have someone to travel with me now.

As much as I want to travel with my girlfriend back-then. We tend to avoid travelling out-of-town only by ourselves especially that we contend on staying pure (as in no sex…) before marriage. Our very first official travel was during my friend’s wedding at Surigao del Sur way back 2016 and we’re with friends.

Britania Islands, Surigao del Sur, PH (October 2016)




Britania Islands, Surigao del Sur, PH (October 2016)

Now that my wife and I got married, we’re now able to travel wherever we planned to. In fact, we spent our honeymoon last February 2017 through a cross-border travel at Malaysia and Singapore. Although we enjoyed the whole trip, we honestly didn’t do much given that my wife is already pregnant (will write about this soon) and symptoms are taking over (vomiting, nausea, etc.). But that will not stop me (us actually) from travelling. So for now, we’ll be travelling somewhere nearby for a while then cope up after she’ll give birth to our child. When our kid gets a little older, we’ll take him/her with us. We’ll start exploring places in the Philippines first then will start exploring around the world from time to time.


I started to love taking photos when I started writing blogs. I learned that photos are ways to tell stories words cannot tell. I obtained my first DSLR camera way back 2011 through the money I saved from my allowances when I was just a student. I’m able to use it until I lost it way back 2015 years after I stopped blogging due to my busy schedule. But recently, I found it again somewhere in my old home.

Nikon D5000 with 18-55 mm lens

Even when I stopped blogging and lost my camera, it never stopped me from pursuing photography. In fact, I’m taking pictures using my smartphone. Getting hooked on instagram also inspired me to improve my craft. I’m still on my learning phase on this but I know that soon enough, I’ll get better.

What is DextograPH? What to expect?

This is not a typical lifestyle or travel blog. This is just a compilation of my “adventure in all forms” expressed in words and photographs (and videographs? Nope. In few years maybe. LOL!). From travelling and food up to something deeper such as marriage, relationships, parenthood, work, leadership, discipleship, and some other aspects of life. I’m no expert in terms of these things. In fact, I’m still on the process on these aspects. Things will be written mostly based on my experiences. But of course, what’s more necessary are the learnings from these experiences. From time to time, despite of my busy schedule, I’ll try to update you. My only hope is that you’ll be inspired of what I’m writing here and for you to pursue your own adventure as I pursue mine.

“What is life but one grand adventure.”

Carpe Diem!


I would be editing some content from this post in case there will be changes in the description of me. But the important contents of this post will remain unchanged.


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