This is not your friendly neighborhood budget travel blog.

This is also not one of those socialite lifestyle blogs either. 

But before you click that exit button, let me explain myself first.


I do love travelling from one place to another. I travel around my home country, the Philippines, as part of my job as an engineer, from time to time. Whenever free, my wife and I travel within and outside the country to tour around. But I guess I still suck when it comes to “sticking to our budget” and “trying to visit EVERY touristy and off-the-beaten paths at every country we visited.” I did blog some of them here though.

I also tried to be like those lifestyle bloggers. But not having that huge amount of following and dressing myself terribly, it didn’t worked out either.

So what is this blog all about?

Well, this blog may contain those travels that my wife and I did including those foods we ate and places we went to which were my original intention.

But after the many things that happened in our lives, I realized that my life and my adventures were more than those specific places we went; the lessons that I learned from these travels: both positive and negative. Along with the lesson learned from each season my wife and I were going through at the moment. That includes adulting, staying sane in the corporate world, getting and staying married, and trying to recover after losing a child, and everything under our sun.

If my blog shall have a tagline, which summarizes what’s it all about; it was “GROWING UP… and GOING PLACES.”

Expect a lot of them here.

Also, I’ve been blogging for almost a decade now but it was only March of the year 2017 when I remade a new blog and decided that this shall be my official one. 

PS: I want to emphasize that you will also see my face rarely on my posts. Either you will see my back for most of the photos or my wife as I love taking pictures of her. But for the sake of introducing myself, this is me:


Of course I’m the one on the left side. Silly you (LOL!)


I hope to inspire you whenever you visit this site and do read my post.


xx Dex



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