REGALIA RESIDENCES and the rest of “Where to stay in KUALA LUMPUR?”

Few weeks before our flight to Kuala Lumpur earlier this year, my wife and I were still torn in choosing between staying at the hotel or booking a homestay thru AirBnB. No doubt that choosing the latter would mean lower prices. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s better than choosing hotels especially that the critical part in booking homestays are choosing which one could still be of quality, cozy, and convenient yet can still be within the budget since some photos are honestly deceiving. We’ve learned it from experience as that place we stayed in Singapore.

Now let me tell you where we stayed in Kuala Lumpur… maybe you’ll choose it too.



I’m already on the planning phase of our second time doing the Malaysia-Singapore cross-border travel and still searching for a place to stay several weeks before our trip itself. It was a normal day when I just bumped into a Facebook post about her recommended place to stay in Kuala Lumpur. What I saw on the post was their infinity pool at the rooftop with the breathtaking view of KL’s skyline with two of its most iconic towers: the Petronas Twin Towers and the Menara KL Tower. Seeing the OP’s amazing photos, I’ve already made up my mind on where should we stay.

The caption that I read from the original poster says “search for REGALIA RESIDENCES on the internet.” I could assume that it’s the name of the building where that specific pool is located. Also finding out that it’s an apartment-like hotel which various room hosted by different people

Determined to really book at this residential building, I looked up for rooms thru AirBnB and saw this particular room located at the 9th floor located in one of its 3 buildings. Despite choosing this particular room only due to it being the cheapest compared to the others, I didn’t found any reasons to regret staying in this place. Oh and we’re able to book in this place few days before our flight. Can you believe that?

Anyway, I was able to, somehow, list down reasons why we chose staying in this place (and didn’t regretted it):


Rooftop pool with the Amazing KL Skyline

In fact, when we had our chance to check out the rooftop pool, I can really attest that the photos didn’t deceived me. Although honestly, we really didn’t get a chance to try it out because well, not in the mood. Oh, let’s say that there’s too many people already in the place. But of course, I was able to take a few photos, stay a while, then left. Do I need to say more about these photos?


Simple yet cozy room 

The whole unit, where our room was located, had three (3) rooms and during the time that we stayed here, there are other people whom are staying with us (on separate rooms of course). I can tell that the room wasn’t overdecorated and slightly bare but despite that, I still find it a relaxing place to stay in.

I should honestly say that I wasn’t able to take photos of the whole room. Only few shots of the bed and you know what happens next (LOL! Rated SPG).


My wife is really particular with the bathroom as what I just learned after an argument during our Singapore trip so for someone like us, it would be a relief to know that each rooms in our apartment unit had their own set of bathrooms; which ours were wide and even had its own tub.


Twin Towers from our window

Another thing that I also loved about staying here was seeing the twin towers from our window; at least on the specific room that we’re assigned in, past the eyesore nearby our building. The view would depend on the room you’ll be able to book in the case of choosing this residence to stay in.


Accommodating host

I’m fully aware that there are lots of hosts in that specific building, but I’m highly recommending the host we specifically booked in for really being helpful to us. His name is Nai, also a Malaysian National. Albeit we really didn’t saw him personally, he was able to contribute some insights to us throughout our stay from ingress to egress like recommended places to go, nearby places to eat, and many more. Oh and by the way, I think he had other accommodations to offer within the building aside from the specific unit we stayed in.


Other features to consider:

  • Common Areas: I think I need to tell you that the only private areas on our specific homestay were the rooms so the rest were common for all who booked here. There’s the kitchen for those people who preferred cooking their own meals, dining area for those takeaways, and the living room for those who wanted to watch TV. My wife and I weren’t able to use any of those since we’re always on the go during our trips and also, we’re not into watching TV. Thus, not being able to take any photos. Besides, TV shows differ in each country so I don’t think I would appreciate any of their TV shows. But who knows?
  • Walk-in Locker: The host is considerate enough for those who had checked out of their rooms that he placed a closet-like room in his common area. It’s like a locker area where you can place your luggages while killing time by touring around the city. This is helpful if you still had to wait long before your flight back home. For another time, we weren’t able to use this feature since there’s only few hours left before our bus trip to Singapore.
  • Password Activated Main Door: One thing unique about the differs our KL Apartment from the other homestays that we stayed was their lock being password activated. No more worries about bringing keys (except the room keys of course). This also went helpful in giving us a smooth check in.
  • Laundry Establishments: My wife and I usually brings lot of clothes during our travel so going to laundry aren’t a problem. But for others who wanted to travel lighter, they usually do laundry and the building also had their area for this. You may use the self-service laundry machine or avail their laundry services for extra bucks.
  • Keycards for elevator: Keycards are required when going to the residential units and were usually provided by the hosts for their corresponding floors.
  • Restaurants: It was said (and I was also able to confirm) that there are two restaurants within the building so there would be no problem for people who decide to just stay nearby. It would just depend on how much you are willing to spend on. If you wanted a meal with the view, there’s the high-end Hemisphere Restaurant located at the rooftop alongside the infinity pool that had prices that range from 10 to 20 USD per person. For much more affordable eats, there’s the Carrot Restaurant at the 4th Floor which primarily serves local food with prices range from 5 to 10 USD. By the way, the latter also do room services.
  • Convenience Store: There’s also a convenience store within the building so some last-minute necessities wouldn’t be any problem.
  • Other amenities such as gym, squash court, library, and more…



Searching this particular building in the internet, I learned that Regalia Residences is located at a sub-district in Central Kuala Lumpur called Chow Kit which is approximately 3 kilometers from the City Center. Well, not that of a first choice when choosing a place to stay in the city since most people would prefer staying near the City Centre where the Twin Towers is located. Also, there’s really not much into this specific district except: (1) the largest wet market in Kuala Lumpur called the Bazaar Baru Chow Kit for fish and seafood lovers; and (2) the Sunway Putra Mall located few steps from the Regalia building.

Source: Google Maps


How to get there? 

The building had two (2) nearby train stations: the PWTC Station of Ampang / Sri Petaling Line and the Putra Station of KTM Komuter. Since both had stations at KL Central, riding the train here wouldn’t be of a problem if coming straight from the airport knowing that there’s a train that goes directly to KL Central from KL International Airport. But I would honestly need to tell you that walking from the nearby stations to the building would be a pain especially for people carrying huge luggages; as told by the host and also based from our personal experience. Outside the building wasn’t that pedestrian friendly.

It was highly recommended that you may take the taxi straight from the Airport or from KL Central especially if there’s two or more of you going to the building for the first time. Total amount of transportation for my wife and I were approximately MYR 120.00 (approx USD 30.00). If divided among larger groups, the price may get lower.

Nai, our host, also messaged me that he can arrange an airport pick-up for you at the same price. So albeit its location is one of my “WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THIS PLACE,” going here wouldn’t be much of a problem. When we checked out, having huge luggages, I was able to avail the building’s service driver going to KLCC for MYR 40.00 (approx USD 10.00).

Before I forget, note that regardless of which block you booked in, you would have to show your passport at the lobbies during your check-in and your check out.




Jalan Anjung Putra, 2, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



I was able to book this room for PHP 3327.78 (approx. MYR 252.31 / USD 63.43) for both my wife and I and already good for 2 nights; our whole Kuala Lumpur stay. Since the price would still depend on many factors like booking dates, how many days before the preferred date, etc., I can’t guarantee that you will have the same price as we have when you decide to book here. But you may check the very room we checked in by clicking here.

Our host Nai also had other accommodations to offer throughout the building. You may see all of them by clicking here.

Aside from Nai, I know that there are other hosts out there that can accommodate you. Just search using the keyword Regalia Kuala Lumpur on AirBnb and there were lots of them to choose from. Besides, the whole residence is divided into three different blocks: the Madison, Melrose, and Milan. We stayed at Milan and the pool is located at the Madison block.

I also searched thru and saw that they also offer accommodations for those who wanted to stay in this specific building. You may find them by clicking HERE.


If I’m going to rate our experience in staying here on the scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), I would grade it 8/10. I believe that giving room for improvement is necessary.

  1. You, booking through the Agoda link that I gave will honestly help me receive my commission through Agoda’s Affiliate Marketing program which I’m part of. But please note that this will not be at your expense in case you decided to book through my Affiliate ID. 
  2. This post is not in any way, affiliated with REGALIA RESIDENCES, NAI (our host), and AIRBNB. However, words and opinions are my own.
  3. Please note that experiences are different, so what you may experience by following what I recommend may be better or worse than our personal experience. Kindly follow only if you mean to.


Thank you very much for reading this! It took me a while before being able to write blogs. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to post more often. Yet I’ll keep you posted. Have a great day!
– Dex B.

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