That much needed breather at CLOUD 9 ANTIPOLO, RIZAL

One of my goals for this year 2018 is to reach more places. Myself and of course, my wife. No committed number of places to go since honestly, there are lots of things to consider on my end. Budget and time being the largest factor especially there will be lots of adjustments for my wife and I on the months to come (which I’ll be announcing later on).

I somehow gave myself an goal of travelling at least once a month in order to start giving myself a number, but somehow reminded myself not to be strict about it in order to minimize any disappointments and give way to my other goals this year

Spontaneous trips are one of the easiest ways that I can think of in order to somehow satisfy this goal that I’ve set. Well, I can see that there’s still a sense of adventure even on driving places around or somehow away from our home city. As far as I can remember, my wife and I did it a couple of times last month. We drove around malls, some food parks, and other places around the Metro. I already blogged about the food park that we went to during our post-valentines date.

But let me narrate the first spontaneous trip that we did outside the city. I should warn though that like all of my other blog posts, this went longer than what I wanted it to be (LOL!). I hope that you still find time to finish this.



I could honestly say that we really didn’t do much about that day. Nothing that much significant at least. But I still find it okay. That time, I just need to breathe. I just need to escape… for a little while at least.

By that, I began searching for places around Metro Manila (particularly Quezon City) and the nearby provinces.  It was a certain hotel and resort in Antipolo City, Rizal at a name of “CLOUD 9” that caught my attention. I’m scanning through some of my social media accounts when it seemed like some of our friends from the east (a Manileño slang for Marikina, Rizal, and further) are going there and were recommending us to go there that could help us satiate our hunger for traveling. Included on their long list of places to go when hearing the place named Rizal.

I’m hesitant at first given that it’s technically a hotel and resort. Spontaneous overnight stays are a “no-no” for us at that moment given that she had work on Saturday mornings and both of us were serving at church on almost every Sundays.  But upon realizing that there are also activities for people whom aren’t planning to go overnight or someone looking for a really quick getaway like us, I said to myself “we’ll visit this place eventually.”



The urge to drive somewhere became stronger in my end one Saturday of February. I just picked up my wife from her workplace in Makati City at 12 noon. I badly want to drive somewhere that time and this place is the first thing that kept on popping up my mind. Past the hesitation, my indecisiveness, and some little arguments with my wife; we still ended up deciding to go there. But being on a road dealing with chaotic Manila traffic, we decided to take our lunch at a steakhouse in Maginhawa st, Quezon City

We didn’t drove to Antipolo right after taking our meal. We stopped by a nearby bike shop. Yes, my wife wanted a bike. We looked for its prices. Of course, being a “budgetarian” as I can be, we didn’t bought any of those. Also, looking at the time, it’s almost 4 in the afternoon; not yet sundown. But of course, we can’t waste any more time. Thus, leading to another argument. That argument almost made us cancel our plans.

SPOILER ALERT: My wife and I reconciled… and I still bought her a bike weeks after that Saturday on another store at a much more affordable price (LOL!). 

Well yes, we still pushed through with our trip. I wouldn’t even bother writing something about it if we decided to cancel it (LOL!).

Not knowing the exact location, as usual, I decided to type “CLOUD 9 ANTIPOLO” on Waze and let it navigate us to the place. Thank God it’s the right location. There are some cases wherein navigation apps took us on wrong places. If we fell victim to that for another time, we all know that I’m gonna be in great trouble (haha!).

From Quezon City (along Katipunan Avenue), we drove for almost an hour going to Cloud 9. As far as I can remember, it ranges from 30 to 45 minutes due to traffic congestion along Marcos Highway (or Marilaque Highway: slang for “Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon”) and the Sumulong Highway. 



We honestly don’t know what to expect about the place. So we decided to find out for ourselves and let it surprise us. After enjoying our time here, we drove straight to Ayala Malls Feliz located along the same highway but somehow closer to our home.

Anyway, here’s my not-so-complete list of what can possibly be seen here:

Meditation trail.

Well, both of us being “introverts,” my wife and I usually look for the less crowded spots first. We found out that this portion of the place was created for those who look for solitude or those who prefer more quiet places. We walked and on the benches for a while then decided to get going.


Restaurant and lower lookout.

Near the entrance lies a restaurant which serves mostly Filipino foods with price that may range up to Php. 500.00 per person. We could’ve tried their food but gave it a pass since we’ve decided to take our dinner elsewhere knowing that it’s somehow a long way going back home.

Beside the restaurant lies a balcony which my wife and I spent most of our time just looking at the horizon; and of course, taking photos that can be uploaded on our respective social media accounts particularly the “gram.”

Although I managed to able to capture some photobomb-free photos, crowds are flocking the area especially knowing that it’s weekend. For safety purposes, the management somehow imposed a 10-minute rule on each person who goes here. Although it’s a question if they’re strictly implementing it.

Except for those nearest to the balcony, we loved the mountainous view. I could guess that it’s the rest of Rizal province.



Beside the restaurant were some old artifacts, figurines, and utensils of all shapes and sizes enclosed in a glass box. I found out that it’s some things that our early civilization were using. Although a question popped up on my mind, wondering if those were indeed… antique.


360 degree Lookout

The 360 degree lookout is what Cloud 9 is most famous for. People had to cross and climb the hanging bridge in order to reach the top and have a 360 degree overlooking view of Rizal and Metro Manila.

Unfortunately, my wife and I weren’t able to try it. Past any fear, we wanted to try it. But given the long lines, the sky almost getting dark, and the Php. 50.00 entrance fee, we decided to give it a pass.

Our most famous excuse would be “at least we had a reason to go back here (LOL!).” Seriously, we’ll definitely do it. In fact, I’ll blog it separately when we did.



The almighty “Google” said that people can also try out their ziplines. Although honestly, we didn’t saw anyone doing it during our visit. I think I should be enlightened more in this part.


Hotel and Resort

From the name itself “Cloud 9 Antipolo Hotels and Resorts,” I could assume that everyone can check in to their rooms and have their staycation here. I did a little scanning through on their website to see and it was confirmed. But seeing the lower part of the place from the balcony / lookout that we’re in honestly made me glad that we didn’t checked in this place.

Well, I really can’t make a bad conclusion about it with only seeing one side of the coin. It would still be the best to contact the hotel itself or more detailed research about staying in this place. Besides, we’re also planning to return home given that we need to go early to church the next day.



Personally, I would love to go back to this place. Maybe the next time I wanted to have another breather. Definitely level up my gaming here particularly going to 360 degree view deck. Hoping that my wife will go with me.

Given that we only drove our way here, I honestly can’t provide details on how to commute going here based on experience. I did another research to look for the most recent information about it and I was able to find a blog post by “Nognog in the City” with Cubao, QC as starting point:

  • OPTION 1: Ride the LRT-2 Train going to Santolan Station alighting at the said station. From there, any jeep heading to Antipolo / Sumulong Highway will take you there. But you need to tell the driver to drop you off at Cloud 9 / Padi’s Point.
  • OPTION 2: At a jeepney terminal near the Telus building along Aurora Boulevard, ride the jeep heading to Antipolo / Sumulong Highway and alight at Padi’s Point / Cloud 9.


Let me end this post with the details of the place we went to hoping that I’ll be able to convince you to go here. Enjoy the journey but travel responsibly! 

– Dex B.


Other notes:

  • Disclaimer: Not in any way affiliated to CLOUD 9 ANTIPOLO HOTELS AND RESORTS. But words and opinions are my own.

8 thoughts on “That much needed breather at CLOUD 9 ANTIPOLO, RIZAL”

  1. id been to cloud 9 ten years ago and this place was amazing back then. i think the property owner rested on marketing the resort pool and accommodation and just focused more on the view deck and other amenities of the resort. it is still worth a visit especially during the evening.

  2. I would love to climb and traipse my feet on the hanging bridge to get to the top and experience the Panoramic view of Rizal. Just like and your wife, I always prefer to choose a place that is serene, which gives me a chance to reflect and just embrace the fresh air. I haven’t heard about this cloud 9 before, and I find it a great place to unwind. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. When I read Cloud 9, I immediately clicked thinking that it’s the Cloud 9 in Siargao. Then I read the rest of the title and found that this one is in Rizal. So why do they call it Cloud 9? Good thing that you bought your wife a bicycle, I know men who would not do such a thing. I wouldn’t mind crossing that bridge but I wonder how many people can it handle at the same time.

    1. Hello Marge!

      Actually, I don’t have an idea why they call it Cloud 9. Haha! I also used to have the same impression that Cloud 9 is only in Siargao and oh, we’re hoping to make it there soon.

      Yes! Thank God we saw a bike for an affordable price.

      And oh regarding that one, as far as I can remember, they only allow 15 people at a time. Sorry about not providing details about it.

  4. I must say the 360 degree lookout at hotel could 9 is impressive. Not many hotels and resorts are able to offer that. Plus the greenery that totally surrounds it makes it look all the more attractive. And I wish you all the best with your travel goals. It’s always good to set high goals for yourself.

  5. I lived in Rizal but I have never explored extensively. As an introvert, I really like mountainous terrains and sea of clouds. They really are my thing! I hope I get to visit this one, and it also reminded me of Treasure Mountain, which I might visit someday soon. 🙂

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