My wife Quennie and I decided to spontaneously drive somewhere near the city one Saturday last month after her half-day work shift. Both of us were immersed at our respective workplaces for weeks already back then (even till now… LOL!) so I decided to find ideas on how to just unwind even for a short while. But becoming hungry along the way while dealing with chaotic and congested Manila traffic, the nearest place to eat that came into my mind was the Food Trip Capital of Quezon City: Maginhawa st (at least in my mind… LOL!). On another note, we’ve already visited Maginhawa many times already each time my wife or myself crave for that hand-pulled noodles.

Upon finding out that the food park that serves the hand-pulled noodles that we usually crave is still closed (usually opens at night), we decided to search for an alternative.

It’s a huge coincidence that a building nearby had a sign that says “EMPIRE STEAK.” I don’t know what hit me that time but despite of my indecisiveness, I’m starting to crave for it so I asked my wife if it’s okay with her to eat steak in which she agreed. Maybe we’re too hungry that time. Doesn’t matter already though. We parked already and checked it out. We asked the servers for their menu and upon seeing that their steaks are affordable, we eventually gave in.



Honestly, the place wasn’t as much as the other steakhouses that I tried before. The place was too small, open, and not air conditioned; had 4 or 5 sets of tables as far as I can remember. But how the owner decorated it somehow compensated those things that I just said. Although not all spot, I can say that there are some that are instagrammable. My wife and I chose that spot. It’s a bonus that there’s not much people dining in there during that time.

Oh dear! I guess it just depends on my perspective after all.



The servers said that their Kingkong Steak (Php. 599.00) is their bestseller which consists of two steaks each topped with bacon, eggs, sauteed onions, grilled mushrooms, and potato chips with two cups of rice. But my wife and I decided to ditch it to order medium well-cooked Double Steak (Php. 465.00)  which is almost the same as the Kingkong Steak but removing the bacon and eggs. We also added an extra cup of rice for myself (LOL!). Well, it’s cheaper that way. Also, two cups of soup were also served to us.


I can say that in a certain way, it’s trying to catch up. Although honestly, it’s still a long way for it to be on the same level as those steaks that I tasted. Well, it’s way cheaper than the other steaks but not really that cheap based on our own personal experience.

I really cannot describe how the sauce tastes like but as far as I can remember, it’s not too sweet nor salty. But it somehow complements the meat. In contrast to it, their mushroom soup is too salty and I felt the powdery mix that they may have used to create the soup in my tongue. For the steak meat, I enjoyed it at first despite of its serving not that much. The mushroom and the garlic that were cooked with it somehow enhanced its not-so-much taste. But some parts of the meat, weren’t as cooked as I expected it to be. I told the server to cook it medium well, but having some parts of it were medium cooked. “I should’ve told them to cook it well done.” I thought.



Like what I just said, the steak we’re much more affordable but somehow overrated for its price. Well, it’s not as bad as what some reviews in Zomato or Looloo that I read are saying. But I can’t find anything special with it either. But I don’t have questions on how they served us. People were nice. If I’m going to grade it, maybe just 5/10. 

I would be recommending it if the price were lower or the taste were much better. Yet, based on our experience, I can’t think of any better reasons to come back. It doesn’t mean that I’m stopping people from trying to dine on this place though.





  • 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM to 12:00 MN (Monday to Sunday)


  • 154 Maginhawa st., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City (Ride a tricycle from Philcoa or NHA going to Maginhawa st.)





This post wasn’t in any way, sponsored by or affiliated to EMPIRE STEAK RESTAURANT. Also, this post wasn’t intended in any way to offend or spread hate to the said company. However, all thoughts and words are my own and were based on our actual experiences.


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  2. Wow, I love how you perfectly convey your thoughts toward the place and the empire steak. It’s always great to eat in a beanery that is not that crowded like you don’t have to wait for a long line just to eat. The place looks great actually and their steak looks really tasty. I love that the stake is not that sweet and salty, which would make my taste buds happy. Thank you so much for sharing your excellent food review with us.

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