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Our church just started a series for the Christmas season and Pastor Nolan, our pastor, had a sermon that everyone hates (even him… LOL!). Something about waiting. Dreadful right? My wife and I think so too. Who wanted to wait anyway? The questions “why can’t we have it now?” or “how long will it take?” suddenly pop up into our minds.

Sundays are rest days for most of us (for my wife and I at least). People would either spend the day resting at home, going to church or to the mall. Well, my wife and I may not have went to the mall but we did went to church then rested at home. Like our usual Sunday routine when we’re not traveling.



I guess we all wait for something in our respective lives. From huge things or breakthroughs like a job, promotion, a significant other (boyfriend or girlfriend), wedding day, or a baby; up to much smaller things like a train or bus going to work or home, food ordered in a restaurant, long lines, etc. It will take me all day just naming everything.

I really understand and feel everyone who hates waiting or gets frustrated from it.


Let’s put it this way.

Assuming we did got patient and did wait at first. But as time goes by: hours, days, weeks, months… years passed; the anticipation is starting to gradually become disappointment and unmet expectations so we decide to ditch it then settle for the “next best thing”. We totally forgot about it until such time that the opportunity for that “big thing” starts knocking again. Doubt and questioning had already overshadowed the excitement once felt. “Too late” we say to ourselves. 

Another situation would be when we suddenly realized that what we’re waiting for so long in the first place will never come. It suddenly got lost along its way, permanently. In a quick second, the excitement turned into disappointment. Thus, moving on now. Well, some may have back-up plans and was able to cope up. But, what about for those who found it hard to move on? For someone who consider the “next best thing” not good enough? Someone like me. Do I have to live asking myself “what if?”

Well, I did experienced both situations that I cited.

  • When I was studying, I’ve been waiting for my graduation.
  • After I graduated, I’m waiting for my board exam.
  • After taking the board exam, I’ve been waiting for the results.
  • When my wife and I are only in a relationship, I’m waiting for the day I’ll be able to propose to her.
  • When we got engaged, we’re waiting to get married.
  • When she got pregnant, we’re waiting for the baby.
  • When I formed this blog, I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity to write.

Right now, I’m waiting for an opportunity to:

  • start my own business,
  • graduate and obtain my master’s degree,
  • be able to travel,
  • have another child,
  • write more blog posts,
  • for my anxiety to subside,
  • etc.

Yep, almost everything in my life, I’m waiting. Is it relatable?

This blog post wasn’t intended to give any “practical” advice on waiting especially that I really suck at doing it. I must say though that some people are much more patient than me. Some may have waited longer than me but still had that excitement and anticipation. Some also are waiting much shorter than I am but still complains.

I also want to express what is running on my mind when it comes to this much avoided topic. For all you care though (LOL!). But I guess you won’t be able to reach this part of this post if you don’t found it interesting. I want to say that…



We’re all on the same boat. It’s valid to be impatient sometime especially for the two situations I cited above. But I guess it’s also necessary for me to say that “there’s still beauty in waiting.” Wait what?

Last Sunday, I remember my Pastor saying “Marvel changed how we see movies.” I’m almost on the verge of classifying it as a mere practical application. Until my wife reminded me about it. Indeed. Every time we watch Marvel movies, despite the credits already rolling, we absolutely knew that it’s not yet over upon realizing there’s still scenes at the middle and the end of the credits. I don’t know though if Marvel indeed started it. Through the years, some film makers are starting to adapt this style.

We can learn from watching Marvel movies that…



Although there are cases that “life and movies aren’t relatable,” I can still say that the best is yet to come. This is not a plain positive thinking scheme. Yes it’s hard to wait. Sometimes, things are disappointing. Most of the time, things are getting complicated. But we need to accept the fact that…



We need to trust the process. At my workplace which involves construction, some of my clients always suggests that we need to increase our manpower every time our projects are experiencing delays (in which most of the time we didn’t even caused). It may be partly true but not all the time. For example, when installing floor tiles, regardless of how many are doing it, the step-by-step process should be done (one row to another). Another case would be for pregnancy as illustrated by Pastor Steven Furtick on one of his podcasts, a man cannot make a baby for a month by getting 9 women pregnant at the same time (LOL!). There so much more illustration that can be used regarding the matter.

I’m also currently trying to retain in my mind some principles that I learned the first time I climbed a mountain at CEBU last month (see my cover photo; will also write about it soon) especially that it takes patience and dedication to succeed in one. But I know that I or everyone of us can only do it…



I can’t force myself or anyone to apply patience or to get moving right away especially it being easier said than done. But I know eventually if we built the right momentum, we can get through. I was able to read from my Pastor’s blog that there’s also great in consistent little thingsBesides, a one-peso coin can still form a million if saved little by little.



Well, in some aspects of our lives we may have stopped waiting for something. In some, we’re still hoping. In some, maybe starting to lose hope. But we should always know that…

And we know that God causes everything to work together, for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

 – Romans 8:28 (NLT)


As long as we can still move, I know that it’s still not too late. Let’s lift each other up shall we?

Oh and another thing! Is it a mere coincidence that I named our daughter Marvel? I guess not.

4 thoughts on “WAIT thing

  1. Waiting is such a beautiful disaster that happens to all of us. While it’s true that everyone despises waiting, it still is one of the most important ingredients to our life’s victories. I remember reading a tweet of a pastor saying, “Sometimes, what God does in us while we wait is more important than what we are waiting for.” Waiting strengthens, and sometimes defines, our faith. We just have to believe that God will give us what we need on the time that we exactly need it. In His perfect time, not ours. Praise God! 🙂

  2. I just loe everything you said about waiting. Sometimes, people say you need not to wait for the right time to come. But on the other hand, you need to wait for God’s perfect time. All you need is to put faith on whatever your hearts desires–be it a business, to finish a course, or to find true love. Everything will all be worth it.

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